Ohayou, Minna! \(○^ω^○)/
This is my first post here so, let me introduce myself! I'm Ran, 16 years old from Egypt and I've been in love with Okada-sama for a year now. Nice to meet you all!

If you have any links for the subtitles that are unavailable, let me know in a comment please!


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Hello all !

Hello! I'm new here so let me introduce myself. My name Cheryl and I'm 19 y.o . And I'm totally in LOVE with this cute guy!
Too bad I just knew him now. (But it's better now or never , right?)
So, I spent my summer holiday with downloading almost all of his dramas and movies. For dramas, my favorite one is Otomen !! I love his attitude in there. He look so cute and adorable. It make me want to hug him (LOL.. ) .
Then, for movies my favorite one was Halfway. Actually I have downloaded Halfway, Boku no Hatsuko wo kimi ni sasagu and Matataki. Boku no Hatsukoi was good, and Matataki, I CAN'T WATCH IT AT ALL! It's not like the file was broken but it hurts me to see TOO much of BLOOD on his body. So, I decided to not watch that movie yet. I think I have to prepare myself first :P

Anyway, I found this video on youtube. I don't really understand what it means. Why are there many actors and actresses sing a song? Is that for some event or what?

And, what do you think of this cute guy ,Maa-kun 's voice? hahaha.. I think he's better to keep acting than singing. I love him but I don't really like his voice when he's sing. What do you think? :)


[Request] H (エイチ) - May 2007 Issue

Hi there, I hope someone would be able to help me ♥

A few days ago, I've came across some pictures of Masaki with Hayashi Kento for a magazine. After a while searching for more, I finally found from which magazine it came from (H (エイチ) - May 2007 Issue) but I couldn't find any scans, or any HQ pictures.

I've only found some pictures of the pages of this magazine. =/

Would anyone have those by chance ? I want to see this shoot in HQ so much ! *O*
Thanks in advance for anyone who could help me ♥
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Live-action adaptation of Black Jack


Masaki is going to star in a Drama Special titled 『ヤング ブラック・ジャック』 (Young Black Jack) which is an adaptation of the famous (though I never read it XD) manga Black Jack !

And it's going to be aired on the 23rd, it means in 3 weeks !

OMG. It looks amazing ! I can't wait to see that ! ♥_____♥
I hope it will be available soon after the aired date ! *O*

And here's what Tokyohive tells us about that ↓
Actor Okada Masaki will star in the live-action adaptation of popular manga, “Black Jack“, in “Young Black Jack” by Tezuka Osamu. The movie will air on April 23rd at 9 PM on Nihon TV, and it’s directed by Otani Kentaro, the man behind “NANA“.

The story reveals the history of “Black Jack” when he was a medical student, how he became an unlicensed doctor, and his rivalry with Dr. Kiriko.

Others starring in the movie are Toda Naho, who will play Black Jack’s mother, and Naka Riisa, who plays a medical student.

Original Source : Oricon

UPDATE: New page on NTV website !
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New movie (again) !

Hey ! Another project for Masaki ! (ノ^▽^)ノ♥

According to Tokyograph and Oricon, Masaki is going to co-star with Oguri Shun in a live-action movie adaptation of the manga 『宇宙兄弟』 (Uchuu Kyodai), which is going to be released in Spring 2012.

Original Sources : Anime News Network + Comic Natalie

Synopsis from Tokyograph ↓
The story revolves around two brothers named Mutta (Oguri) and Hibito (Okada) who made a promise as kids to become astronauts and travel to outer space. The older brother Mutta ignores the promise and grows up to become an engineer, while the younger brother Hibito actually becomes an astronaut. One day, after Mutta loses his job, a message from Hibito reignites his motivation to keep their promise.

From his page @Stardust, you can get the official website for this movie.
From where you can go to the twitter they opened for the movie !

Also, a few preview pictures ! =D

I can't help smiling when I see Oguri Shun with that hairstyle ! XD

Oh, and as I am here, I made a few icons yesterday !

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By the way. @arisadesuu, you're the only maintainer here, right ?
We might need some new tags here, ne ?
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Message for Disaster Victims~

Hi minna !
I though you might be interested.

There's a new page on Stardust website with messages from some of their artists for the victims of the disaster which happened earlier, including one from Masaki.

Here it is ↓


Also, Tokyohive translated it (along with some others such as Kaho or Hongo Kanata).

And so, here is the translation ↓
When I think about the people going through a hard time due to this earthquake, my heart truly aches. I’m not sure what I can accomplish, and I may be a small force, but I am thinking about what I can do right now. I wish that I can be of even a little help through something…

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Scans ♥ Boku Kimi Memorial Edition, Junon and more...

Hi there ! I have a few scans for you today !

First, I finally scanned the cards and the whole mini-photobook that came with my DVD of the movie 僕の初恋をキミに捧ぐ.

Here's a preview ↓

Well not so much new actually since the pictures are almost the same than the ones from the official photobook. And speaking of this photobook, I think you know the whole photobook can be found somewhere else, but with watermarks. That's why I scanned a few pages from this one too, the ones which had the most annoying watermarks in my opinion.

Actually, there are a few more pages that would be worth be scanned without watermarks, so if someone is interested, I may end up scanning the whole photobook itself next time I go back home, who knows ? Any requests ? =D

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Haha, and one last thing. If you like gifs, please take a look (and do not hesitate to join ;D) on my special daily-gif community. It's supposed to be focused on both Masaki and AAA, but I tend to want a lot of Masaki. XD I would feel less guilty about posting a lot of Masaki related gifs if some of you rejoin me there.

There ↓

Now, I think that's all ! =D — See ya~♥